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Profile of Two Solar Installations

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House with array



This house is on the 2013 Solar Tour



DUAL SYSTEM HOME – Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems

SUMMARY:  This site features a 27 panel photovoltaic array plus a 32- panel solar hot water array.  By visiting this site you can see a variety of ways the sun can be economically harnessed to supplement a home’s utility expenses and reduce its carbon footprint.

THERMAL SYSTEM:  A 32-panel solar hot water collector array provides over 500,000 BTU/day, providing year-round domestic heat and hot water.  The pressurized drain-back system is automatic, simple, and very low maintenance. Heat is stored within an indoor swimming pool and distributed to the living space via a forced air system. Heat and humidity losses from pool are recovered to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, year-round.  This 4,500 SF home used less than 150 gallons over 12 months. 

PV SYSTEM:  The 27, 270-watt solar modules are ground-mounted where they could be located in the optimal position. The Solar Edge inverter works in concert with 27 Power Optimizers which allow each module to generate maximum output regardless of temperature, shading, or the condition of the other modules. The mounting rack was fabricated by the owner from aluminum angle.  The DC rating is 7.3 KW and the maximum rated AC output is 6 KW.  The owner went through the lengthy process to establish himself as both a dealer and certified installer through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (“Mass CEC”).   He also certified the system to qualify for quarterly reimbursement of energy credits.  Benefits include:

- The home gets about $1,100 in "free" electricity per year.

- The system is eligible for a $1,000 Massachusetts tax credit.

- The system is eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit.

- The system is eligible for a $2,000. MassCEC grant.

- The cost of the system was substantially reduced.

AVAILABLE:  Solar hot water and photovoltaic equipment available for sale at wholesale prices.

OTHER EFFICIENCIES:  Batt/Blanket Fiberglass insulation. Natural daylighting. Energy Star Appliances. Passive solar/sunroom envelope and sunspace.

CONTACT:   Jon Macht.  121 Balance Rock Road.  Lanesborough (Pittsfield), MA 01201

DIRECTIONS:  Take Route 7 to Bull Hill Road. Go 1 mile and turn right onto Balance Rock Road. Continue 1 mile to 121 Balance Rock Road on the left.  ALTERNATE:  Take Waconah Street (next to hospital) to Pecks Road.  Go 3.5 miles. Pecks Road becomes Balance Rock Road.   The house is on your

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