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Build Smart with Simon

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Simon Burke-Lipiczky has been involved in building and renovating homes since 1990. A skilled carpenter and cabinetmaker, Simon is also versed in practical, hands-on building scince as well as the plumbing, electrical and heating systems that must be understood to create a comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly home.

Carpentry: From foundation to finish work, Simon provides a wide range of skills and experience with modern green building and traditional building techniques.

Consulting: Whether you need help with a difficult detail or a whole system laid out, you can get back to work with answers that work.

Coaching: An experienced teacher and skilled builder at your side can make all the difference between a job well done and a DIY nightmare.


Contact Simon Burke-Lipiczky

Phone: 518 272-5408

Community Special: Free, one 20 minute phone consultation on your project.

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Testimonials for this Sponsor:

  1. OEIC-Admin's avatar Dan Gibson February 27, 2012 at 6:25 pm


    Simon was the primary builder of my 100% Solar Home. He was a pleasure to work with. He has excellent technical skills and a great deal of practical experience. Whenever we came to a difficult problem - structural, aesthetic or practical - Simon would come up with a great solution.

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