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{?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?} Our Energy Independence Community http://www.oeic.us/community_forums/ Our Energy Independence Community en Copyright 2011 2011-12-30T19:07:00-04:00 Issues to Consider http://www.oeic.us/community_forums/viewthread/12/ http://www.oeic.us/community_forums/viewthread/12/#When:21:00:51Z <p>Below is a Times Union Opinion piece I wrote. My point is that all energy<br /> has an associated cost. It is important to keep this in perspective. </p> <p>The Cost of Energy<br /> I read Sandy Steubling’s letter in 11/15/2011 TU, “Fracking issues go<br /> much deeper” with much interest. We do indeed like clean air and water but<br /> we like energy even better. While the TU prints article after article about<br /> potential risks of fracking it ignores the very real contamination that we<br /> are exposed to from fossil fuels every day. A previous TU article (“A<br /> crack in fracking’s record; maybe more?”, 8/4/2011) digs deep to find a<br /> potential problem that is reported to have contaminated a well in 1984. This<br /> was before current safeguards were in place and without the stringent<br /> standards DEC will enforce on new exploration. Meanwhile tens of thousands<br /> of oil leaks every year actually do contaminate water as in the 11/14/2011<br /> TU article “Oil spill cleanup dispute delays return of family”. That oil<br /> slick under your car is about to become groundwater pollution. If you are<br /> afraid of contaminated water don’t use fossil fuels or drink bottled water<br /> (DEHA) or canned beverages (BPA from the epoxy coating) for that matter.<br /> I grew up next to a gas station, across the street from a natural gas well.<br /> The gasoline contaminated ground water, the natural gas well did not. I<br /> would much rather pay NYS landowners for clean natural gas than terrorists<br /> for oil. Especially since the oil actually does contaminate my water.</p> 2011-12-29T21:00:51-04:00