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       Ideas & information to help you use less energy for home, transportation & food.

Energy Conservation


Editorial Staff - Nov 01st, 2013


As Temperatures Drop, Consumers Asked To Save Energy and Money

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Your Home

Sustainability in the Suburbs

Mark Warford - Sep 11th, 2013


Built with the sun in mind, this house cut its electric bill to $35 from $150 by installing PV! 

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Local Food

A New Season

Tamara Flanders - Oct 12th, 2013


So what is good to eat this fall?

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Our House and Car - Not the Ordinary!

James Bouleris - Sep 07th, 2013


Our goal was to make our home and car energy independent. Here is how we did.

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Big Picture

Some Considerations about Natural Shale Gas

tomaprit - Oct 03rd, 2013


In the high-stakes game of Fracking, NYS is being played with little opportunity to benefit for the risks involved.

Renewable Energy

Passive Solar Homes

Bruce Brownell - Sep 18th, 2013


Bruce presents the passive solar home design he has been building for over 40 years.

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Fracking in New York: Weighing Risks and Benefits

Michaels & Simon - Jul 27th, 2013


A review of Global, National, State and Local Fracking issues.

Living Sustainably

More Medicines from Your Yard

nancy white - Oct 12th, 2013


Medicine making is a simple, rewarding and most useful skill to develop

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Current Challenge

Search for Local Food

OEIC-Admin - May 14th, 2012


Help us identify and map all our Local Food sources. See details here...

Kids Korner

Eight Acres of Glass

Alison Eberhardt - Nov 01st, 2013


Skidmore seeks town approval to install large solar array as part of effort to go green!

Neighborhood Reports

Delmar Farmers Market Among Best in USA

Paul Tick - Sep 25th, 2013


Delmar Farmers Market Ranked Among “101 Best Farmers Markets in America." Actually placed 51st!

Local News

Electric Vehicle Website for Capital Region

Jen Ceponis - Jun 18th, 2013


Site offers accessible information about Electric Vehicles for consumers, employers, fleets and electricians